Salam 'alaik

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah...

Dapat lirik lagu ni (rasa-rasanya la lirik lagu, tak pasti la betul atau tak) dari seorang sahabat. Terkedu sekejap bila baca. Dia send kat email aku semalam, tapi baru hari ni aku terbaca. Either she really mean it or not I don't know. But I choose to trust her. Kepada 'dia', thanks a lot. You also mean a lot to me. Love and miss you always...

You’re my friend-
As anyone can see,
The best of the rest-
Most meaningful to me.

Although it’s quite a statement,
Well, it happens to be true,
The best friend I ever had,
I’m glad to say, is you!

You’re there if I should need you,
And you never turn away
I know I can depend on you,
At anytime of day.

We’ve had our ups and downs,
As everybody does,
But problems never last too long
With special friends like us.

You’re really a true friend,
And I wanted you to know
The caring for each other
Has helped our friendship grow.

We’ve been through some tough times,
Be we have made it through,
The only place I’ve landed trust
Is the trust I gave to you.

You’ve helped me with my anger,
You’ve chased away my fears,
You’ve helped me though some sadness
And dried up all my tears.

You stayed by my side
When the world had turned away
You helped me see the joy,
When the skies had all turned grey.

You have held my hand,
When you knew that I would fall
Every laugh and heartache
You were there through it all.

Some people have so many friends
With whom they spend their time,
But no-one has a best friend,
Who’s as wonderful as mine.

So thanks for always being there
Our friendship’s strong and true
And I just want to let you know
I’m always here for you...